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Northstowe is a planned new town of 10,000 homes on land to the north of Cambridge. We first became involved with developers Gallagher in 2004 working alongside Jonathan Dickins Consulting to help demonstrate that planning objections to development on an existing golf course could be overcome on grounds that the course was surplus to local needs. That led to a second phase of work to prepare a Sports Recreation and Play strategy for the proposed new town, which was submitted as part of a planning application to South Cambridgeshire District Council. The application was never determined, partly because of the economic downturn in 2008.

Ownership of part of the development site subsequently changed and the construction programme was split into 3 phases. Gallagher own the northern part of the site and are developing phase 1 of the new town. Phase 2 is owned by the Homes and Communities Agency. We have prepared separate Sports Strategies, one for each phase of the development, on behalf of the two owners; both strategies have been submitted and approved by the planning authority. Play strategies for each phase will be prepared at a future date.

The City Council owns two golf courses and needed to be sure that they were delivering the best possible value in the context of the Council’s objectives. One course is managed via a management contract with a local golf professional; the other via a lease to a private operator.Portsmouth Golf Club Image

Working as part of a team from the Golf Consultants Association, we reviewed the condition of both courses, and their business and operating performance, and advised the Council on future options in regard to: golf course improvements; pricing policy; management structure; performance monitoring; and issues concerning the lease.


We have helped several local authorities to review the strategic option of putting the management of their golf courses out to the private sector. We have worked alongside other members of the Golf Consultants Association, in particular Mark Smith of Smith Leisure, in order to give a complete turnkey service to our clients. Read the rest of this entry »


We assisted South Bucks District Council to evaluate the business case for the construction of a new golf clubhouse at Farnham Park Golf Course. The alternative would be to repair and refurbish the existing clubhouse. Read the rest of this entry »

We were commissioned by the Council to provide an independent assessment of the business case for proposed developments at Malton Golf Club in support of the club’s planning application assembled by Bidwells. Read the rest of this entry »